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Tech Tips | FB Hacks

We all spend a lot more time on Facebook than necessary. But there are a few hidden tricks that it seems like the majority of people aren’t aware. 1. Reverse phone number lookup Ever get a WhatsApp message from a ‘friend’ and they don’t have a profile picture? Yes, those evil people who make you […]

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Office Life | Managing Time Zones

Being based in Dubai, you’ll inadvertently have to work with different time zones. Combine the GMT + 4 time difference with the fact that our weekends are Friday/Saturday, working with suppliers can get a bit taxing. Here are a few tools that have made my work life and setting up meetings a bit easier over […]

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Tech Tips | Bulk Editing Filenames (Mac OSX)

One thing I do fairly often is export songs from iTunes on to USB Flash Disk; mainly because my car has an internal hard drive and I want to update my song list. Unfortunately, when you drag songs out of iTunes into a Finder folder, each filename has the track number appended to it at […]

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Tech Tips | Cleaning up the Mac OS Dock

If you’re like me, there are certain programs you like to have open but unnecessarily clutter up your dock. Some programs automatically don’t show up in the dock if they are visible in the menu bar but some programs need a quick fix. Here’s what to do (make sure you quit the program before starting). […]

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Tech Tips | Remote Shutdown/Restart on Windows

I use my MacBook Air primarily but still have an old Windows PC for download shows, movies etc. Instead of sitting in front of it, I manage it primarily using Dropbox and Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD). However, one thing MRD doesn’t let you do is restart or shutdown the computer. Even putting into hibernate isn’t […]

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Using Dropbox as Backup Storage

A few weeks back when I went on holiday, I did an unheard thing – I left my laptop at home. While I was doubtful initially, I realizedI could manage without my laptop. However, a day into the trip I realized I hadn’t locked up the internal bedroom doors and our house was susceptible to […]

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