Tech Tips | FB Hacks

We all spend a lot more time on Facebook than necessary. But there are a few hidden tricks that it seems like the majority of people aren’t aware.

1. Reverse phone number lookup

Ever get a WhatsApp message from a ‘friend’ and they don’t have a profile picture? Yes, those evil people who make you flustered because you have NO idea who it is? The easiest thing to do is to copy/paste their phone number into the Facebook search bar and you’ll be returned with a search result of that person. Yes, Facebook knows everything!

2. See friendship

Want to reminisce over memories with your best friend or just stalk that new boyfriend? Facebook’s see friendship tool is perfect for that. Just navigate to someone’s profile and click the arrow next to the Message button.

Facebook See Friendship Tool

You can also just take the below URL and replace the variables with the profile names you are interested in (find the profile and copy everything after backslash – including periods, i.e.

3. App Settings

Love listening to sappy songs on Spotify/Saavn but don’t want the whole world to know? While you can figure out an individual app’s settings, my preferred way is to give the app the permissions, but change the settings to “Only Me”.

Navigate to the app settings by clicking on the arrow on the top right > Settings > Apps or just click this link. Search for the offending app and scroll to the top and adjust the app’s visibility.

FB App Settings

Any other Facebook tricks that I’m missing out on?