Tech Tips | Cleaning up the Mac OS Dock

If you’re like me, there are certain programs you like to have open but unnecessarily clutter up your dock. Some programs automatically don’t show up in the dock if they are visible in the menu bar but some programs need a quick fix. Here’s what to do (make sure you quit the program before starting).

1. Navigate to your applications folder and find the program you want to hide. Right-click and select “Show Package Contents.”

2. Open up the “info.plist” file in a text editor like TextMate. Paste the following lines right before the last 2 tags (before </dict>) .


3. Save and quit the file.

4. Resign the application to prevent crashes by opening up Terminal and typing the following, where “appname” is the name of the program you want to hide.

sudo codesign -f -s – /Applications/

In the case you want to revert back to showing the program in the dock, just go back to the info.plist file and remove those two lines of code you added.

H/T MacLife