Well-Played: Vox Cinemas on Snapchat


More often than not, I’m not a fan of regional marketing campaigns. But once in a while, I spot something well-done and I feel it needs to be acknowledged. And this week it’s Vox Cinema’s Snapchat account.

I’m personally a bit obsessed with Snapchat these days and have turned into a bit of an Evan Spiegel (Snapchat CEO) fangirl. I think Snapchat is onto something BIG that warrants the high valuation and perhaps I’ll do a separate post on that. However, whenever a social media channel gets big, all brands – whethere they need to or not – flock to it and create accounts; and then use it to scream “ME, ME, ME”.

The beauty of Snapchat is it’s ultimately a story telling app. And while it seems limiting considering it consists of an image, a line of text and a drawing tool – the possibilities are endless when you get creative. And that’s what Vox Cinemas has done. I wouldn’t think a cinema chain needs to be on Snapchat but I did like what I spotted on their channel (username: voxcinemas).

Why I think this works:

    • A standalone story. Using 6 curated snaps, they’ve built a simple story that will be done in 30 seconds.
    • Useful content. Out of the 5 snaps, only one was about a film currently at Vox (Take That Live) and I managed to learn something (Maleficent is getting a sequel!)
    • Well-timed. This popped up on my Stories feed at around 6 pm as I was getting ready to leave work. Exactly the time I’d be thinking of making potential evening/weekend plans.
    • Invite to engage. I don’t know how well this is working for them but by encouraging readers to Snap them back, they are creating an opportunity for dialogue with their customers.

Are there other regional brands that are doing a good job on Snapchat? Drop me a comment with their usernames. And you can see my silly attempt at Snapchat by finding me at dollz1987.