On the Other Blog: Huawei Honor 6+ Review

While my other blog is focused on the more froofy, lifestyle-related topics, I occasionally do some tech-related blogging. This week I’ve reviewed Huawei’s Honor 6+ smartphone. I’m not a big fan of Android but I’ve enjoyed my past few weeks of using the Honor 6+. Full review here.

On a side note, the Honor 6+ is being exclusively sold by Souq.com in the Middle East and will only be sold online. I wonder how well this will work out for Honor considering brick and mortar sales still beat online purchases by a significant amount. But thankfully, Souq has massive customer reach and has been aggressively marketing the phone. The Honor 6+ is also aggressively priced and fits with Souq.com’s deal-hunting consumer segment. In any case, it’s a good sign and potentially paves the way for more regional online exclusives and partnerships with global brands.